National Conference II

2012 National Conference

Research Based Undergraduate Science Teaching Conference II
May 20-22, 2012,
Bryant Conference Center,
University of Alabama Campus, Tuscaloosa, AL

This interactive conference focused on improving teaching in undergraduate science and its short- and long-term impacts on student outcomes. Conference strands included, (1) Implementing and Sustaining Reform in Undergraduate Science Teaching, (2) Teaching in the Disciplines: What Works (Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Geosciences), (3) Assessing and Evaluating Student Outcomes in Undergraduate Science Courses, (4) Using Research to Evaluate the Success of Reform, and (5) Developing a Research Agenda and Action Plan.

Questions discussed at length during the Conference were (1) How do you implement reforms in undergraduate science teaching? (2) How do you engage science and non-science majors in developing science literacy? (3) How do you effectively assess student outcomes in undergraduate science courses? and (4) How do you evaluate the success of your classroom reforms? The conference combined presentations with time to interact and network with colleagues.

The conference combined presentations with time to interact and network with colleagues. Outcomes included a developed research agenda and action plans for research groups to develop funding proposals and writing for publication.

All papers presented underwent a peer review process  To be eligible for selection, the proposal :

(1) Reported results from research activities,

(2) Addressed themes relevant to the teaching and learning of undergraduate science

(3) Demonstrated strategies that bridge the gaps between theory and practice and/or research and practice,

(4) Addressed the concerns and needs of college and university faculty and students, and/or

(5) Discuss the role of undergraduate science courses that address the concerns and needs of pre-service teachers’ long term outcomes as teachers of pK-12 science.

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Contact Information: Dennis Sunal The University of Alabama at

Dennis Sunal, Donna Turner, and Cynthia Sunal, University of Alabama; Dean Zollman, Kansas State University; and Cheryl Mason, San Diego State University conference committee co-chairs


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The Conference is partially funded under the National Science Foundation Grant TPC 0554594.The project focuses on an examination of teaching in undergraduate science in the US and its impact on students. Opinions expressed in conference reports are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Foundation.